Spirits West opened originally in 1982 on one the longest blocks in the country and the good times didn't end there...

Current owners Ric & Renae Kehoe reinvented Baltimore's best on June 2, 2017. They bring more than just your local favorites to the table. From a causal nice evening, to celebrating birthdays with your family, football parties, and much more, Spirits West is more than just a bar and restaurant, it's your home away from home.  

Open 7 days a week, Spirits West offers a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner ( & don't forget about the out-of-this-world desserts!)

It's not just about the food and drinks here, it's much more than that, it's family. A family ran business from Ric & Renae, to Mema & Pop helping out anyway they can, Timmy "the man" in the kitchen, plus "words of wisdom" from the one and only Nelson and of course "our girls" behind the bar Kori, Kelly, Janice, Leah, Diana and Diane ultimately creating the best overall atmosphere Baltimore's "hidden gem" has to offer. 

  Cheers to that Hon'